The admission decision at Washington University School of Medicine is based on academic and personal merit and not on the ability of the student to pay the costs of education. However, individuals who are not citizens of the United States of America or who do not hold U.S. Permanent Resident Visa status are not eligible for financial aid due, in part, to regulations covering most programs used by the School to fund financial assistance. Therefore, in order for the School to complete the required documents, which are necessary for issuance of a Visa, the student must document, by a date and in a manner designated by the School, that the necessary amount of funds, as established by the School, is available to pay the costs of education (tuition and living expenses) for the anticipated period of enrollment, normally four years. Documentation of the required amount of financial resources may be by a letter of credit or by deposit of funds in an escrow account with a bank designated by the School. All applicants are considered for merit scholarships regardless of country of citizenship or residency status.

For information about financial aid for international students, please visit the Office of Financial Planning website.