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Train here, thrive anywhere

A Washington University education will prepare you to find and follow your passion. Graduates obtain highly competitive residencies nationwide and go on to practice medicine in the location of their choice.


Supportive environment

Attending Washington University School of Medicine is about becoming a fabulous physician. High standards distinguish the school, but what truly sets Washington University apart are extraordinary people at all levels who create a welcoming, supportive environment where learning, caring service and a commitment to excellence are shared values. Students learn not only from a distinguished faculty, but from each other, forming lifelong friendships in an environment of camaraderie, not competition.

“I have never felt more supported in an academic environment than I do here.”

Helen Liljenwall, fourth-year medical student

Dedicated to your goals

As our student, you are an integral member of a welcoming community of educators and scholars eager to help you follow the path of your choice, whether it be a career in clinical medicine, academic medicine, education, research or administration. The formal curriculum is rigorous and provides some flexibility for pursuing individual passions. And beyond that, the school offers extraordinary and nearly limitless opportunities for customized learning, including:

  • The EXPLORE Program within the innovative MD Gateway Curriculum.  The EXPLORE Program is a formalized approach to career development that helps WashU MD students find their niche in academic medicine. It allows students to search and define their individual career interests and aspirations, and to pursue those interests and gain exposure to academic careers. EXPLORE is a longitudinal, immersive experience that begins during Phase 1 and continues throughout medical school. It connects students to physician role models and mentors, creates opportunity for scholarship in any of EXPLORE’s four pathways, and provides core training in each respective career pathway.
  • Multiple degree programs, including options in clinical investigation, population health sciences, public health, business administration, and biomedical informatics
  • Student research opportunities
  • Student groups focused on community service, medical interests, the arts, sports and more
  • An ongoing commitment to making new student initiatives a reality

Along your path, the school’s Career Counseling Office and its Residency Roadmap website guide you in choosing a specialty and finding your perfect residency match.