The Faculty

Dr. Fraser and students examine patient

“The professors and physicians of WUSM are 100-percent accessible to us and very welcoming of student interest.  They are so unassuming that it is easy to forget you are working with world-class physicians and surgeons — people who are leading experts in the field. For students who make the most of life’s opportunities, all doors are open here.”
— Ryan Anderson, former medical student

Our faculty are fully committed to excellence in teaching and are eager to share their experience and passion for the profession. Students find that faculty members are engaged with students and accessible for questions or discussion.

The faculty is among the most prestigious in the country. Many are nationally and internationally recognized for clinical excellence by their peers in the physician community.

In addition, the school’s faculty are authors of the highly acclaimed Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, the most widely sold medical textbook in the world. Many faculty perform dual roles as basic scientists and clinicians, bringing the most current knowledge and methods of inquiry from the laboratory to the bedside and supporting translational research.

Outstanding faculty achievements

  • 19 Nobel laureates have been associated with the School of Medicine
  • 11 faculty members are fellows of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences; 24 faculty members belong to its Institute of Medicine
  • 93 faculty members hold individual career development awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • 25 elected to the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine
  • 53 faculty members hold career development awards from non-federal agencies and 12 have achieved coveted NIH MERIT funding status