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Step 1: Take the MCAT

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required. Although good timing for many students for the MCAT is in the spring of junior year, or approximately 18 months before you expect to enroll in medical school, Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) recognizes the unique challenges that COVID-19 has caused for many applicants in the 2024 application cycle. The Committee on Admissions will now accept MCAT scores from January 2020 through September 2023 test dates.

With this accommodation, the WUSM Committee on Admissions acknowledges that delivery of test scores may be later than is typical for some applicants. We will strive to be flexible in the 2024 application cycle, and believe our November 30, 2023 deadline for the secondary application and related materials allows adequate time for these adjustments.

Step 2: Apply to Washington University School of Medicine (“Primary Application”)

Apply to WUSM (school 184) by November 22, 2023 by filling out the AMCAS® (American Medical College Application Service®) online application.

View instructions on how to fill out the AMCAS application

Step 3: Complete your Supplemental Application (“Secondary Application”)

Once your verified AMCAS Primary Application has been received, you will be invited to complete the Supplemental Application. You will receive a link to the Supplementary Application via email approximately three days after we receive your verified AMCAS Primary Application. We strongly recommend that you complete your Supplemental Application within two weeks of being invited to do so and no later than November 30, 2023.

After you submit the Supplemental Application, you will not be able to edit it. If you need to modify or update your Supplemental Application, please contact our office via email at with your request.

A Supplemental Application service fee of $100 (U.S.) is required. Follow the directions at for electronic payment. If you have been granted a fee waiver from AMCAS, we will automatically waive your Supplemental Application fee. If you did not receive a fee waiver from AMCAS, your service fee will not be waived.

Step 4: Submit Letters of Recommendation

Have letters of recommendation submitted to the Committee on Admissions on your behalf by November 30, 2023. For details on our Letters of Recommendation policies, see the Requirements section of our website.

Step 5: Check your status at our applicant portal,

For your application to be complete, we must receive:
1. Your verified AMCAS Primary Application and your completed WUSM Supplemental Application
2. MCAT Results
3. Letter of Recommendation
4. Application service fee or reported AMCAS Fee Waiver

Check (and click on Check Application Status) periodically to determine if your application is complete. Please allow 10 business days for processing of application materials.

Contact Information for Correspondence, Updates and Communications: Be sure to keep your contact information accurate and timely–make any address or phone number changes with AMCAS, so the updated information is distributed across the medical school(s) to which you choose to apply.

Once your AMCAS Primary Application has been verified, the Committee on Admissions is happy to consider updates to your file, such as new activities, publications, or personal news. These updates can be submitted by uploading a PDF directly to our admissions portal at (use the Document Upload tab) or by emailing

Admission Notification Date: The Committee on Admissions will notify you via email when the status of your application changes. After your application is complete, it will remain under consideration for an interview invitation and an admissions offer, as WUSM uses a rolling admission calendar. By April 15, 2024, every applicant will receive an admissions decision of “accepted”, “not accepted”, or “waitlist” via email.

Admissions Credentials: All forms, materials and credentials in connection with your application for admission become the property of Washington University School of Medicine and are held in strict confidence by the Committee on Admissions. These items will not be returned nor will they be transferred.

Special Note for Medical Scientist Training Program Applicants

For individuals applying to the MSTP (MD/PhD) program, the deadline for submission of the AMCAS Primary Application is October 13, 2023.  Transcripts must be submitted to AMCAS by October 27, 2023.   The deadline for the WUSM Supplemental Application is October 30, 2023.  Letters of recommendation should be submitted by November 6, 2023.  We strongly encourage applicants to submit materials well in advance of these deadlines due to the competitive nature of the admissions process.