How to Apply

Applying early is a big advantage. If you do not submit your application until October, more than half of the interview opportunities will have already been assigned.

Don’t miss deadlines!

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Step 1: Take the MCAT

The best timing for many students is in the spring of Junior year or approximately 18 months before you expect to enroll in medical school.

Step 2: Apply to Washington University School of Medicine

Apply to WUSM (school 184) by December 1 by filling out the AMCAS online application.

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Step 3: Complete your Supplemental Application 

It’s online. Complete your Supplemental Application no later than December 31.

Step 4: Submit letters of recommendation

Have letters of recommendation submitted to the Committee on Admissions on your behalf by December 31.

Step 5: Check your status at our applicant portal,

Check periodically to determine when your application is complete. Be sure to keep your contact information accurate and timely.