Student Health Services provides a complete service exclusively available to benefit-eligible full-time students (and their eligible spouses, domestic partners, and dependents) registered in the School of Medicine. Services are provided through a self-funded program included in tuition and fee costs. Services include professional care by staff internists and counselors, with referrals to other consultants, hospitalization, emergency room care, prescription drug benefits, vision and dental.

Student Health Services pre-screens all incoming students prior to their arrival at the School to ensure all CDC recommendations and requirements of the school and major WUSM-affiliated teaching hospitals have been met regarding communicable diseases. Entering students are required to have a medical examination within one year of matriculation and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Additional vaccines and/or immunity proof is required for the following: Tetanus diphtheria acellular pertussis (within the past 10 years), Tuberculosis, Measles (Rubeola), Rubella, Mumps, Hepatitis B and Varicella. Student Health Services tracks all immunizations during and prior to enrollment. Statements of health for internships and practicums are provided upon request.

For a complete description of benefits, please visit the Student Health Services website