Selection Process

Factors Considered in Application Review

The selection process has multiple stages. After an application is complete (including receipt of letters of recommendation), the application is evaluated by a member of the Committee on Admissions.

Factors considered include the following:

  • Rigor of curriculum
  • Academic record (GPA and MCAT Score)
  • Extracurricular activities (Work, Service to community and others, Research, Leadership, Sports and hobbies)
  • Other accomplishments
  • Essay (personal statement on AMCAS application)
  • Distance traveled — challenges and hardships overcome
  • Recommendations

The top-rated applicants are invited to visit the School of Medicine for a tour of the medical center, to meet current medical students and to interview with one or more members of the Committee on Admissions.

Factors Considered in the Interview

  • Communication skills
  • Motivation for the study of medicine
  • Maturity — ability to handle responsibilities
  • Empathy
  • Professional bearing and communication
  • Avocations and interests
  • Accomplishments: work, research, volunteerism, leadership
  • Insight into the practice of medicine
  • Initiative and productivity

By mid April of each application cycle, all applicants will be notified whether they are

  • Invited to join the class
  • Invited to remain under consideration on our Wait List
  • Not accepted