Selection Process

Factors Considered in Application Review

The selection process has multiple stages. After an application is complete (including receipt of letters of recommendation), the application is evaluated by a member of the Committee on Admissions.

Factors considered include the following:

  • Rigor of curriculum
  • Academic record (GPA and MCAT Score)
    • Extracurricular activities:
    • Work
    • Service to community and others
    • Research
    • Leadership
    • Sports and hobbies
  • Other accomplishments
  • Essay (personal statement on AMCAS application)
  • Distance traveled — challenges and hardships overcome
  • Recommendations

The top-rated applicants are invited to visit the School of Medicine for a tour of the medical center, to meet current medical students and to interview with one or more members of the Committee on Admissions.

Factors Considered in the Interview

  • Communication skills
  • Motivation for the study of medicine
  • Maturity — ability to handle responsibilities
  • Empathy
  • Professional bearing and communication
  • Avocations and interests
  • Accomplishments: work, research, volunteerism, leadership
  • Insight into the practice of medicine
  • Initiative and productivity

Interviewers generate reports that are used by the committee to select those applicants who will be invited to join the class. By mid April of each application cycle, all applicants will be notified whether they are

  • Invited to join the class
  • Invited to remain under consideration on our Wait List
  • Not accepted