The 2022 Entering Class

Why do our students choose us? Here are the top reasons.

The group is composed of highly talented, intellectually-curious, thoughtful, creative, community-minded and diverse young professionals with remarkable academic and personal qualifications. The group of 124 includes:

What Does My White Coat Mean to Me?

During Orientation week, students shared their thoughts about donning their white coats — the symbol of their future profession.

My white coat represents...

For more, visit the White Coat Ceremony website.

Academic and personal qualifications (2022 Entering Class)

  • Mean grade point averages (GPA) of 3.86; cumulative undergraduate GPAs ranged from 2.77 to 4.00.
  • Mean MCAT total score of 520.2.  The MCAT range for the 2022 Entering Class was from 505 to 528.
  • Originated from 31 states and 7 foreign countries (Canada, China, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Spain). States most represented are California (16) and Missouri (14). North Carolina is represented by seven students. Six are each from Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. Minnesota, New York, and Utah each contributed five. Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia are represented by four students each.
  • 63 different undergraduate institutions, with three or more students coming from:
    • Washington University (14)
    • Princeton University (6)
    • University of California, Los Angeles (6)
    • Johns Hopkins University (5)
    • University of Notre Dame (5)
    • Cornell University (4)
    • University of Utah (4)
    • Duke University (3)
    • Harvard University (3)
    • Rice University (3)
    • Stanford University (3)
    • University of Michigan (3)
    • University of Virginia (3)

Undergraduate Institutions Represented — 2012-2021

WashU matriculates students from a wide variety of very competitive schools.  In the last five years, 57 different schools contributed three or more matriculants and 154 schools contributed at least one matriculant.

The table below presents only those universities and colleges contributing three or more students to the WashU entering medical school classes in the 2012-2021 decade.  

Arizona State University3
Bowdoin University 4
Brandeis University 5
Brigham Young University 9
Brown University 14
California Institute of Technology 6
Carleton College 4
Case Western Reserve University 5
Colby College 3
Columbia University in the City of New York 16
Cornell University20
Dartmouth College10
Duke University 38
Emory University 13
Florida State University 3
Fordham University 3
Georgetown University 4
Georgia Institute of Technology  4
Harvard University 56
Indiana University-Bloomington10
Johns Hopkins University24
Macalester College3
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 17
McGill University 9
Michigan State University 4
Middlebury College 4
New York University 5
Northwestern University 14
Ohio State University 9
Oregon State University5
Pomona College 3
Princeton University 18
Rice University 22
Saint Louis University6
St. Olaf College5
Stanford University15
Swarthmore College3
Truman State University4
Tufts University 6
Tulane University 4
University of Arizona8
University of Arkansas 5
University of California, Berkeley 39
University of California, Davis 3
University of California, Los Angeles 32
University of California, San Diego 13
University of Chicago 11
University of Florida 9
University of Georgia 7
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 14
University of Iowa 5
University of Kentucky 3
University of Maryland – Baltimore County 3
University of Maryland – College Park 7
University of Massachusetts – Amherst 3
University of Miami (FL) 3
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 26
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities 7
University of Missouri – Columbia 3
University of Nebraska – Lincoln 5
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 14
University of Notre Dame20
University of Oklahoma5
University of Pennsylvania  28
University of Pittsburgh 4
University of Rochester3
University of Southern California 13
University of Texas at Austin 4
University of Toronto 6
University of Tulsa 5
University of Virginia 8
University of Washington 15
University of Western Ontario 4
University of Wisconsin-Madison 9
Vanderbilt University 30
Washington University in St. Louis 161
Wellesley College 4
Williams College 7
Yale University 39

Personal qualities

Please visit the Student Life section for more about our students’ personal interests, qualities and lifestyles.