Who Chooses WU?

The 2016 Incoming Class

The group is composed of engaged, friendly and aspiring young professionals with outstanding academic and personal qualifications. The group of 124 includes

  • 62 women and 62 men
  • Ages ranging from 20-30
  • 20 are individuals from groups under-represented in medicine
  • 27 enrolling into the joint MD/PhD Program, also called our Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

What Does My White Coat Mean to Me?

During Orientation week, students shared their thoughts about donning their white coats — the symbol of their future profession.

Robert Chen

For more, visit the White Coat Ceremony website.

Academic and personal qualifications

  • Mean grade point averages (GPA) of 3.83 (3.42-4.0)
  • Mean MCAT percentile of 97.3 (MCAT: 32-43 and MCAT 2015: 507-527)
  • Originated from 28 states and 7 foreign countries. States most represented are California, Illinois, Missouri, and Massachusetts.
  • 68 different colleges and universities with four or more students each coming from:
    • Washington University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Yale University
    • Duke University
    • University of California-Berkeley

Undergraduate Institutions Represented — 2005-2014

(only those schools contributing three or more students)

College Total
Arizona State University  4
Barnard College  4
Boston University  4
Brown University  14
California Institute of Technology  8
Carleton College  5
Columbia University  6
Cornell University  25
Dartmouth College  13
Davidson College  5
Duke University  38
Emory University  15
Florida State University  3
Foreign College Not Coded  3
Georgetown University  8
Harvard University  42
Indiana University at Bloomington  8
Johns Hopkins University  25
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  17
New York University  10
Rice University  24
Stanford University  28
Tulane University  5
University of Arkansas-Main Campus  4
University of British Columbia  3
University of California-Berkeley  35
University of California-Los Angeles  29
University of California-San Diego  9
University of Chicago  13
University of Georgia  12
University of Houston  3
University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana  10
University of Illinois-Chicago  6
University of Iowa  10
University of Maryland-Baltimore CO  5
University of Maryland-College Park  7
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor  26
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. Paul  10
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 11
University of Pennsylvania  32
University of Southern California  12
University of Tulsa  4
University of Washington  9
University of Wisconsin-Madison  12
Vanderbilt University  18
Washington University  160
Yale University  26

Personal qualities

Please visit the Student Life section for more about our students’ personal interests, qualities and lifestyles.