Cost of Education

The cost of education includes all charges for education plus allowable living expenses. At Washington University, students are charged a single amount for tuition and there are no additional fees. Thus, tuition is comprehensive; there are no additional fees for health care coverage, hospitalization or disability insurance, and each student is provided a laboratory-grade microscope to use during the first and second years of study.

Tuition Stabilization Plan

For all incoming students, tuition is fixed upon entry and remains the same for the four-year program of study. Financial aid award amounts are fixed as well. This helps students and their families plan for educational expenses. Students have the option to apply for additional aid if their family or financial situation changes during their time in medical school.

Estimated Expenses

Estimated expenses for a single student in the 37-week 2020–2021 first-year class:

$68,480 Tuition Stabilization Plan
$700 Books/med supplies
$461 Medical instruments
$14,779 Housing and food
$2,491 Personal
$2,539 Travel
$89,450 TOTAL