Bernard Becker Medical Library is one of the oldest and most comprehensive medical libraries in the country. The library serves as an information-services hub for medical students, providing a full spectrum of electronic course materials and other educational resources, as well as computers and specialized software.

Librarians are available to help students with searching the literature, citation management programs and more. The library is accessible to students 24 hours a day, and its comprehensive collection is mostly accessible anywhere, anytime online, with the website being the definitive portal to all library resources and services. The library can obtain anything a student needs in the event it is not already available to them.

In the fall of 2021, Becker launched a Center for Health and Science Communication.  Its mission will focus on education, skill-building and services to complement current science and health communication efforts on campus.  Via the Center, WashU medical students will be offered new opportunities to practice and develop their health and science communication skills.

Find Becker Library on social media for news, resources, and tips from staff experts, plus historical images and artifacts from Becker Archives and Rare Books. Or contact the information services desk at (314) 362-7080 or