On most Wednesdays from mid-October through the end of February, we’re hosting optional sessions for those invited to interview so you can learn more from faculty, staff, and current students about particular elements of the WashU medical student experience.  

Couldn’t make a session?  We’ve got you covered.  Contact us at mdadmissions@wustl.edu to request access to a session recording.

October 20

“Why WashU Wednesdays” launched with a panel of M4 students, reflecting on their WashU student experience and future professional plans.

October 27

Dual degree and research opportunities were featured at this “WWW”.  A panel of class of 2022 and 2023 students, concurrently pursuing various masters programs (MBA; MPH; MPHS; MSCI) alongside their MD studies contributed to the discussion.

November 3

The Gateway Coaching Program was under the spotlight on November 3.  Nichole Zehnder, MD, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, led a discussion with two other faculty coaches.  Dr. Zehnder directs the Coaching Program.  Two students (one MD and one MD/PhD-intending) from the Entering Class of 2020 who have experienced this unique coaching component rounded out the panel.

November 10

The Gateway Curriculum was the focus of the 11/10 session.  The discussion was hosted by Eva Aagaard, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Education, Associate Vice Chancellor for Medical Education, and the Carol and Jerome Loeb Professor of Medical Education.  Dr. Aagaard led the curriculum renewal at WUSM which culminated into the Gateway Curriculum that launched with the Entering Class of 2020.  

November 17

A virtual activities fair, featuring seven of our 60+ medical student organizations, was the structure of the 11/17 Why WashU Wednesday.  The event was held on “Gather”, a video chat platform.  This event was not recorded due to the Gather format and its breakout session nature.

December 1

A panel of M3 students was featured, and the discussion focused on the clinical training they are experiencing this year, as well as their overall WashU student experience.

December 8

The Dec 8 session was hosted by Will Ross, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Diversity and Washington University School of Medicine’s Principal Officer for Community Partnerships, who has been recently installed as the School’s first Alumni Endowed Professor of Medicine.  Dr. Ross reflected on his WashU experience:  he is a 1984 MD graduate and has served on the faculty as a nephrologist and in diversity affairs since 1996.  Dr. Ross also discussed health equity and justice.  His presentation was titled, “Why Washington University?  Your Introduction to Healing a Community“.

January 5

Explore is a formalized approach to career development that helps WashU medical students find their niche in academic medicine in any of four pathways–Advocacy/Global Health, Education, Innovation, and Research.  Explore is longitudinal and begins in Phase 1, continuing throughout medical school.  It connects students to physician role models and mentors, creates opportunity for scholarship in the four pathways, and provides training in each respective pathway.  This session will be led by Amber Deptola, MD, FACP, the Director of the Explore Program and Director of its Education Pathway.   Faculty who serve as the various Pathway Leads will complement her on that evening’s panel.  

January 12

“Why WashU Wednesday” will again feature a panel of M4 students, reflecting on their WashU student experience and future professional plans.

January 19

This session will be hosted by the student organization LGBTQ Med and feature both Legacy Curriculum (pre-2020) and Gateway Curriculum (2020-) students, reflecting on being LGBTQ+ at WashU and in St. Louis from a personal, scholarly and advocacy perspective. LGBTQ Med is the Washington University School of Medicine student-run interest group dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) identity and health.

January 26

WashU’s Medical Scientist Training Program will be the focus of the Jan 26 discussion.  A panel of four current MD/PhD students will host the event.  Panelists will include a first-year student and three advanced students.  You’ll learn more about the research environment at WashU through this event experience.   Each current student will reflect on why they chose WashU’s MD/PhD program and will share individual highlights of their research and clinical educational experiences here.  

February 2

Food in St. Louis will take us away from academics for this particular Why WashU Wednesday.  Four first-year students will take you through their perspective of the “food scene” here–sharing some of their favorite restaurants and cuisine.

February 9

This “Why WashU Wednesday” will be held at a special time, 6:30pm CT.  Featured will be second-year students who have recently begun clinical clerkship responsibilities in the Phase 2 curriculum–in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, and obstetrics/gynecology.  A look back at Phase 1 as well as impressions of the beginning of Phase 2, “Gateway to Clinical Medicine,” will be the topics of conversation.  Associate Dean Valerie Ratts will moderate the session.

February 16

February 16 will feature the team of 1st-year students who served as “editors-in-chief” for the new Dis-Orientation Guide for 2022/23, which will be launching online in February.  They will talk about the creation of the new guide, and point out their favorite sections of this unique resource.

February 23

We will conclude February’s sessions with a focus on Health Equity and Justice themes in the Gateway Curriculum.