Phase One Preclinical

Time to Climb!

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6:30 pm: After dinner I go climbing around three times a week. The downtown Upper Limits gym is the cheapest and most convenient option, and most of the medical-student climbers get memberships there. There are also a few great places to climb outdoors in Illinois, Arkansas and Kentucky when I have free weekends. As all of the upperclassmen will tell you, it’s important to dedicate time for fun in your first year!

Lindsay Burton

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Hi! I’m Lindsay Burton. I am originally from Northern California, went to college in Boston, moved to Chicago and worked there for two years, decided I wanted to go to medical school, moved back to California, worked as a medical assistant, did a post-bacc, and had a very easy decision to make when I was accepted here. I am astounded at how much I have learned at the Washington University School of Medicine. I am 95% sure that I will go into ob/gyn, but who knows what will happen!