Phase One Preclinical

Morning Lectures

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8:30 am: Classes for first years normally start at 8:30 in Moore Auditorium and are recorded. Here I am sitting in my normal spot alongside Julia Kolodziej, Rachel Goldberg and Abby Rosenberg. This auditorium is also where things like the Super Bowl party and Class Show take place.

Lindsay Burton

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Hi! I’m Lindsay Burton. I am originally from Northern California, went to college in Boston, moved to Chicago and worked there for two years, decided I wanted to go to medical school, moved back to California, worked as a medical assistant, did a post-bacc, and had a very easy decision to make when I was accepted here. I am astounded at how much I have learned at the Washington University School of Medicine. I am 95% sure that I will go into ob/gyn, but who knows what will happen!