Bettina Drake, PhD

DrakeDr. Bettina Drake is a cancer epidemiologist in the Department of Surgery’s Division of Public Health Sciences. Her research interests are in reducing disparities in cancer by focusing on cancer prevention strategies through nutritional and community-based approaches. Dr. Drake also co-leads the Prostate Cancer Community Partnership a community partnership of the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center’s Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD), which seeks to reduce prostate cancer disparities in the region. Together, they have provided education and screening in the St. Louis region and utilized community-based participatory research methods to conduct research on strategies to increase minority participation in biorepository studies. This work has informed Dr. Drake’s epidemiological research and the recruitment of her prostate cancer cohort.

Dr. Drake aims to learn from our community-based studies in ways that will improve study design and recruitment strategies, while we in-turn, disseminate the new knowledge learned our cancer prevention work in collaboration with our community partners.

Dr. Drake is also active in training the next generation of researchers, public health practitioners and clinician-scientists. She teaches Intermediate Epidemiology in the Masters in Population Health Sciences program. Dr. Drake welcomes inquiries from medical students and graduate students looking for research or practicum experiences.