Applying early is an advantage. If you do not submit your application until October, many of the interview opportunities will have already been assigned.

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Step 1: Take the MCAT

Although a good timing for many students for the MCAT is in the spring of Junior year, or approximately 18 months before you expect to enroll in medical school, there have been recent challenges with that timing due to the current pandemic. Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) recognizes the unique challenges that COVID-19 has caused for many applicants in the 2022 application cycle. To assist with one aspect of the application process, the Committee on Admissions has extended the latest MCAT scores that will be considered, and will now accept scores from January 2018 through September 2021 test dates.

With this accommodation, the Committee on Admissions for WUSM acknowledges that delivery of test scores may be later than is typical for some applicants. We will strive to be especially flexible in this 2022 application cycle, and believe our December 7, 2021 deadline for the secondary application and related materials allows adequate time for these adjustments.

Step 2: Apply to Washington University School of Medicine

Apply to WUSM (school 184) by November 30 by filling out the American Medical College Applications Service® (AMCAS®) online application.

View instructions on how to fill out the AMCAS® application


Please note that you may experience a delay in the verification of your AMCAS application due to increased volume.  Visit Applying to Medical School with AMCAS® to view the current processing dates for applications and transcripts.  The COVID-19 pandemic created unique challenges for AMCAS, applicants, their colleges and universities, and medical schools.  The Washington University School of Medicine remains committed to ensuring a fair and equitable application process.  We are aware that there may be delays with your transcripts and MCAT scores.  All applications completed prior to the December 7, 2021 deadline will be reviewed.  We continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as needed.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this unique time.

Step 3: Complete your Supplemental Application 

Via email, you will receive a link to the Supplementary Application approximately three days after we receive your AMCAS application data. Complete your Supplemental Application no later than December 7.

Step 4: Submit letters of recommendation

Have letters of recommendation submitted to the Committee on Admissions on your behalf by December 7.

Step 5: Check your status at our applicant portal,

Check periodically to determine when your application is complete. Be sure to keep your contact information accurate and timely.


Special Note for Medical Scientist Training Program (MD-PhD) Applicants

The deadline for submission of the AMCAS Application and the WUSM Supplemental Application for individuals applying to the MSTP combined MD-PhD program is October 31, 2021.  Letters of recommendation should be submitted by November 15.