Summer Research Opportunities

For the past 16 years, the School of Medicine has provided incoming and rising second-year medical students a summer program of high-quality training in basic and clinical research through the Summer Research Program (SRP). Directed by Dean Koong-Nah Chung, PhD, the program has generated enthusiastic participation by our medical students and has been highly productive, with many publications by our students since its inception.

Funding for the program comes from multiple sources, including the NIH (NHLBI T35 and NCRR), the ICTS, the dean and department heads of the School of Medicine. Students are provided with modest stipends to defray living expenses.

For details, please visit the Office of Medical Student Research website or see the Student Research Opportunities brochure (PDF).

Research opportunity examples

  • Clinical Research Training Center Pre-Doctoral Program
  • Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
  • NIH-Supported Short-Term Training for Medical Students
  • Siteman Cancer Center
  • Many more

How the program works

Linking up with an investigator can be accomplished in several ways. First, if the student knows an investigator, he or she can approach that investigator directly. Second, and more often, the student begins by meeting with Dean Chung, who identifies the student’s interest(s) and matches the student with an investigator. The student and investigator meet to discuss the opportunities and areas of work, and if they agree, the deal is done. If they do not identify an area of mutual interest, another investigator is identified and the process repeated until a match is found.

And the results are spectacular. Abstracts generated by our students for the Fall Research Training Symposium are available here.