Degree Program Statistics


2020-21 (as of April 2021)

Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD) 

Graduating Class: 94
Five-Year Research Program: 9
Third-Year Class: 100
Second-Year Class: 76
First-Year Class: 84

Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees (MD/PhD)

Graduating Class: 19
Clinical/Third-Year Class: 24
Ninth-Year Research: 0
Eighth-Year Research : 0
Seventh-Year Research: 1
Sixth-Year Research: 2
Fifth-Year Research: 6
Fourth-Year Research: 18
Third-Year Research: 27
Second-Year Research: 30
First-Year Research:  22
Second-Year Class: 25
First-Year Class: 21

Doctor of Medicine and Master of Population Health Sciences (MD/MPHS)

Second-Year Class or Higher:  11

Doctor of Medicine and Master of Public Health (MD/MPH)

Second-Year Class or Higher: 1

Doctor of Medicine and Master of Science in Clinical Investigation (MD/MSCI)

Second-Year or Higher: 5

Doctor of Medicine and Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA)

Second-Year or Higher:  3